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The customer telephone service that health professionals of Honolulu, HI and beyond rely on

Services that make all the difference

At our Honolulu, HI facility, we hire only the very best customer telephone service operators to represent the physicians and health care professionals who subscribe to our services. They're extensively trained to provide your practice with the very best customer telephone service available, because that's what you and your patients deserve.

Advantages of our services

We offer you a communication link

We will contact physicians, health professionals and other subscribers statewide as quickly as possible in emergency situations.

Each employee can be assigned his/her own number

He or she will be sure to get the message with our voicemail services.

Send one message to all

Communicate quickly and effectively with all your patients in one go.

Piggy back on your office number

Don't worry about losing the number that everyone is familiar with — you bring it with you.

Rewind, skip and forward

Our easy-to-use voicemail services let you listen to messages more than once, or skip through those of less importance.

Change your greeting often as you want. Whether it's morning, afternoon or evening, you can change your greeting to whatever the time, day or special occasion calls for.

Unlimited messages

Don't worry about the capacity of how many messages your voicemail can take. We answer your calls and store them in our system for 2 weeks or until you delete them.

Time, date & length

You never have to wonder when your callers left their messages or how long the message may be! Our telephone answering service provides that information for you by pressing a 2-digit code when retrieving your messages.

Fees you can afford

We often save you more than the cost of our telephone answering service alone. So why not subscribe today?
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Advantages of our services

The customer telephone service providers here at Physicians Exchange of Honolulu Inc in Honolulu, pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of not only routine customer service procedures, but the medical profession itself, including policies, procedures, services, specialties, products and more.


Although Physicians Exchange of Honolulu Inc is located in Honolulu, it's our job to stay informed of not only the trends in the medical profession, but also in Hawaii. That way, we'll be able to better relate to your patients themselves, and make them feel more at ease when we're interacting with them.


Regardless of your location or the size of your practice, you can always rely on our Honolulu-based team at Physicians Exchange of Honolulu Inc to provide you with the highest level of professionalism when we're providing you with our customer telephone service. Don't hesitate to contact us to see how easy working with Physicians Exchange of Honolulu Inc can be, and what a difference we can make in your day-to-day work.

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